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Totally Flippin' Out in my Happy Pants!

New to the tranfuZe collective is the fabulous Nandaline Campbell Killick stuntwomen and actress! And we are totally flippin' out over this babe!

Pictured in Kaleidoscope Dreams leggings

Nandie has worked on The Wolverine, Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and soon to come Wyrmwood on TV, to name a few... she is also totally into martial arts, rock climbing, gymnastics and hot yoga mixed with extra core works on the side as well as body weight training, Pilates and trick training.You go girlfriend!

When asked Nandie what's her favourite leggings style and why? She replied -

"Being a Gemini I struggle to chose just one!!! Oh boy.. I'll have to go with two.. I LOVE my Kaleidoscope Dreams leggings (as seen in picture) they are my happy pants, you can't be sad when you have them on, they are light weight, comfortable and so vibrant. Then there are my Emerald frost leggings, they are so easy to dress up and wear on a night out. They are the most original design I have ever seen and the fabric combination is ridiculously soft and comfortable."

Nandie's favourite meal? " I'm in love with Poke' salads at the moment however I do love to cook from home and save a bit of money, usually I mix some seasonal veggies with a lean protein and add all the herds and spices I can find. Smoked paprika, turmeric and cilantro and definitely my current favs" and in her down time Nandie loves a remedial massage, stretching whilst watching films and chilling out in the jacuzzi! Oh yeah- we hear you babe!

Nandie in our Cosmic Sunshine leggings!!Looking good babe!

Nandie wearing our Velvet Flame Leggings HOT HOT HOT!

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