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Moving is What I Do!!!

Rocking Gymnast, Stuntwomen and Actress Colby Lemmo shares her workout and obsessions with us, we love having her as part of the transfuZe collective!

Colby Lemmo has been a Dancer for 13 years , turned stunt woman and actress. Some highlights in her career so far include, Lead character/dancer in Le Reve The Dream, improving alongside actor Kevin James in " Mall Cop 2", and stunts/acting in Lethal Weapon and Major Crimes.

Whats your workout routine? My workouts vary from Tae Kwon Do, Crossfit, agility training, gymnastics, dance, and HITT workouts.

What do you do to relax? I love binge watching tv shows on Netflix and HBO! And I am obsessed with shopping (specifically skin care products lately!)

Whats your favorite healthy meal? Favorite healthy meal would have to be some sort of berry bowl, with fruit granola and coconut!

Whats your favorite style of transfuZe leggings and why?

Favorite transfuZe style is probably long with low-mid waist. I love black and white solids or prints! I would love any style because as a physical mover my whole life, these leggings are the most comfortable, breathable, durable leggings I've ever worn. They feel more like a second skin then wearing clothes! Moving is what I do, and I don't feel restricted in any way when I have these on!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my transfuZe leggings!!!!!!

- You said it sister and we LOVE LOVE LOVE your style!

Check out Colby in our Rockin' Zebra Leggings!!!!

Colby styling in our Rockin Zebra Full length leggings!!!

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