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Pei Pei Alenas' in the House!

transfuZe is lucky to have some amazing talent strutting our stuff so we decided to share their stories with you!

Introducing stunt woman, director, artist and general badass babe, Pei Pei Alena

Professional Stunt Woman , Editor, Short Film Maker / Director/ Writer / Producer and Choreographer she has worked on some awesome projects including:

  • Stunt doubling and Performing on some Prime time Tv Shows like Fear of the Walking Dead Season 2, Scorpion, Glee, NCIS LA, Fresh off the Boat

  • “God Particle” a feature film by JJ Abrahams

  • Directing, Writing, and Co-Producing my short,

“YOGA PANT BRAWL” which features all TRANSFUZE LEGGINGS!!! and was an awesome collaboration with Stunt Women friends!

watch here —>

  • Indie Short called “DRAGON LADY” by Director Vlad Rimbur

Whats your work out routine?

Jiujitsu , Hot Yoga , lately training an actress for a film fight using a sword .

Shooting Indie Film Fights with friends, its all training for film making !

What do you do to relax?

Hot Yin Yoga , or sauna stretching , Meditation , Snuggling my Cocker Spaniel Munchie Falcor the Luck Dragon.

Whats your favorite healthy meal?

I eat pretty much a Paleo way of life. I love green smoothies.

Whats your favourite style of transfuZe leggings and why?

Name:Cranberry Ninja Flame ! ! because they are my favorite color Magenta, and the leggings exude Rocking Feminine Sexiness with a powerful Fashion and Style!

Check out my work instagram: @Peinator

Pei Pei killing the Ice Bliss Legging!

Ice Bliss transfuZe leggings worn by Pei Pei

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